Hi there!

I’m wondering… HOw do you know whERE TO BEGIN With overcoming challengeS?

I know it can be confusing, can’t it...

People underestimate the power of the conversations they’re having with themselves every day. Once they realise the impact this has, they achieve amazing transformations!

I’ve had clients whose businesses were on the verge of collapse and who have turned them around and made them profitable. I’ve had clients double their income, improve their personal relationships, have amazing sex lives, see their confidence soar, mend family relationships, find more fulfilling careers, and more...

Okay, so let’s get down to it… what is important to you?

If you're confused about what you should do, don't worry, you’re not alone. No one seems to be able to guide you and give you the complete package. It took me years of psychology sessions, training, reading, research and attending seminars to achieve the changes that my clients get in just a short space of time!

During your life coaching sessions, I'll give you proven strategies for success as well as innovative ideas & fresh, new solutions. My expertise and unique skill set will get you results quickly.

You may be thinking, yeah right, I couldn't get the same results as other people, I couldn't overcome my challenges that quickly! You might not, but then you just might... In my experience, change happens as quickly as you allow it.

I believe it’s wrong to take people’s money if you can’t deliver what you promise. So I work hard to ensure 100% success in getting the best results for my clients. I will not work with anyone who is not committed to change and ready for success now. I’m passionate about your success… so much so that if, by the end of your program, you haven’t achieved your goals, you’ll get your money refunded!

What have you got to lose? Remember… You can accelerate your results in the areas most important to you. In the unlikely event weren’t to achieve the goals we set, I would happily refund your money!

So who are my clients?

I have coached people from many different walks of life. There are a few common problems and challenges that I come across time and again. Some clients come to me wanting help with some form of transition, whether that be a divorce or separation, a change of job, redundancy, a new business venture or a feeling that they want a 'tree change' or 'sea change'. Others are facing problems or challenges such as poor health, difficult relationships, needing help communicating with challenging people, finances that are out of control, time management, stress, depression, feeling uneasy or anxious, substance abuse or addictions.

While your circumstances are unique, you don't need to feel alone. The chances are that I've coached someone who has had a similar experience or feeling to you and that, together, we can create the positive changes you're wanting to experience in your life. 

 Katherine Agius, Life Coach

Katherine Agius, Life Coach


I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and truly live a life they love.

During our sessions, you can expect me to listen without judgement, to be firm yet kind, to ask you questions you've probably never considered before and to help you move beyond your challenges to a place where you can start achieving what you want. Every single client I work with achieves something different, because everyone is unique. I've never come across two people who wanted to achieve the same thing. I believe strongly in the power of our beliefs and language to shape our results and I know that you are 100% capable of getting what you want. I'll get you to believe that too! Guaranteed!

I'd love to hear from you! So contact me today and we can see where you're at and if life coaching is right for you now.



BA (UNSW), ATCL (Speech & Drama), Dip. Health Sciences, Dip. Life Coaching (TCI), NLP Practitioner