If you answer 'yes' to any of the following, then life coaching may be for you...

 Do you want to...

  • Find your happiness?

  • Create change now?

  • Get more out of life?

  • Be the best you can be?

  • Have greater self-esteem?

  • Improve your communication with others?

  • Get better results in an important area of your life?

  • Be a better parent? partner? boss?

  • Resolve conflict easily?

  • Feel more self-confident ?

  • Feel accepted and understood?

  • Mend an important relationship?

  • Earn more?

  • Have greater job satisfaction?

  • Have clear direction in your career?

  • Be a more effective leader?

  • Achieve greater business success?

You changed my life this weekend, the session you coached me had a powerful impact. You changed my life and I’m very grateful. Thank you very much.
— Natalie Luxford, Training Perfection, Sydney


A great life coach WILL.....

  •  Help you structure your life the way you want it to be
  • Target specific areas of your life you want to change or improve

  • Assist you to discover and remove the obstacles and challenges before you

  • Guide you on a course of action

  • Hold you accountable for your actions

  • Believe you’re 100% capable of achieving your goals

  • Commit 100% to your success 

  • Help you feel great after only one session!

A great life coach will NOT...

  • Work with anyone who isn’t 100% committed to making a change now

  • Tell you what you should do

  • Try to change you or judge you

  • Treat you as if you're 'broken' or need 'fixing'

  • Offer therapy or counselling

  • Allow you to make excuses

  • Give up on you